9 Reasons

Why You Must Make Speaker Emergency Kit an Essential Part of Your Speaker Bag!

Reason #1

Insurance for Presenting at Your Peak Level: Imagine heading into ANY speaking engagement at ANY time and being completely assured and confident that you will feel your best so that you can speak and present at your peak level? You can be assured that Speak Wellness products will give you the best insurance for your health and performance!.

Reason #2

Immunity Support and Preservation: Our bodies crave nature’s gifts to keep us at our ultimate level of life and performance. When we are proactive with what we put into our body and what we utilize to keep our body happy and healthy, nature presents us with health and wellness in abundance, keeping our immune system functioning at top capacity.

Reason #3

– Necessary for Anyone Who Will Be Traveling and/or Interacting With People: Before and after speaking to groups, you often find yourself interacting with people in various ways. Close interaction can lead to the sharing and spreading of many things that you don’t want to hinder your performance. And just think about traveling in planes, cars, buses, and other spaces where hidden bugs are? Using Speaker Wellness products provides you with the safest and cleanest environment no matter where you are or who you are with!.

Reason #4

Satisfaction Guaranteed:If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you simply need to return it and we will replace it with a product better suited to you.

Reason #5

Safe, Natural Products:Our ingredients are all-natural and work with the body in a safe and healthy way!.

Reason #6

Simple Tools with Easy Application: A simple spray, sniff, wipe down, or sip can make all the difference in speaking at a good level to speaking at a great level. All of our products are simple to use while providing you with BIG results every time!

Reason #7

It\'s proven to work for people just like YOU!: All of our products have been used and approved by speakers and other industry professionals. Speakers have certain health needs and we work hard to address those specifically that ensure peak performance when speaking. We’re sure you’ll become a raving fan also!

Reason #8

Speaker Wellness products are cost effective!: What price can you put on your health and wellness, especially as it directly relates to your ability to perform at the highest level and convey your message in the most powerful way? NO PRICE! In addition, our holistic products ARE competitively priced so that you get the high quality for a fair price.

Reason #9

All of the products smell, taste, and feel good! : Who wants to be using something that makes you suffer a little before you get the great benefits? Speaker Wellness products not only give you great outcomes, the process to get there is an enjoyable one with good tasting, good smelling, and good feeling products. We don’t like funny smells or tastes!

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