Speaker Wellness products are created to bring about the best holistic products to provide speakers with the health and wellness needed to operate and perform at their peak performance all of the time.


Speakers have unique needs that we address with our products, from a spray to sooth your throat to a natural oil inhaled to give you clear sinuses and easy breathing. As speakers use their voice as their main tool, many factors can inhibit complete ability to utilize it to its highest potential and level of comfort. Repeatedly speaking, whether in a loud or soft tones, can be irritating and uncomfortable. When your #1 tool is not in its tip-top form, it causes discomfort both physically and mentally, and we have worked to take that problem completely out of the equation.


We also realize that other factors, such as shaking many hands, being in contact with lots of “buggy” surfaces, traveling, and fatigue, have an effect on speakers as well and may provide additional health and wellness challenges. Our Kleen-It Disinfectant Spray, White Flower Oil, and Crew Brew all operate to keep our speakers and their supporters at full operating capacity so that each person feels healthy and prepared to do the best job that they are able.


Never before have there been products aimed specifically at speakers, nor have there been products that have impacted industry-specific individuals in such a powerful way! We are committed to bring you our best and most holistic products, and we will continue to bring you new and improved products as we develop them!


As speakers ourselves, we know the importance of staying on top of our health, and we are excited to bring you these products that have made a positive impact on how we present and influence those around us with our speaking. Join our community of speakers who are proactive in keeping themselves healthy and powerful in delivering their messages!

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